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Motive power-gasoline engine standard
Briggs and Stratton Vanguar 18hp petrol 360 RPM minimum
Breather fill for hydraulic oil - TR2 or equivalent 
Hydraulic power assisted squeegee roller 
Flexilock coupling spline 1" to 15 tooth 
Suction oil filter - SR1
In line filter - Price FB1012-10
Transmission - hydrostatic
Bearings all all off the shelf components
Power steering cylinder and control valve
4 cylinder jack down legs
Braking - automatic
Hydraulic reservoir has 40 litres minimum of Tellus 46 (Castrol hyspin 46)
Front and rear rollers 600mm diameter perforate and electrogalvanised
3150mm long x 2200mm wide x 2100mm high
1500mm high without cover 
Drum Dimensions: 1800mm wide x 600mm diameter
Tare weight 920kg approximately (without ballast)
Absorption blanket - 30mm thickness

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